About Me

Hi, my name is Brad!

I am currently in my final year of an undergraduate BSc Computing (Hons) degree at the University of Worcester, which I will complete in June 2018. When it comes to computers, I enjoy making websites and web apps, developing games, tinkering with mobile apps, systems programming, programming competitions (AoC and others) and hacking around with my Raspberry Pi!

I have been programming since 2006, teaching myself Python and ActionScript 2 & 3 (the good old Flash days) over the course of several years. After finishing school in 2009, I attended King Edward VI College where I studied Mathematics, Chemistry and, of course, Computing! I spent 2 academic years at the University of Birmingham, initially on a MSc Chemistry with Analytical Sciences course, however I departed the course in 2014 in part due to a change in my career goals and wishing to pursue my primary interest in computing and programming, which I had largely ignored for 3 years from 2011 until 2014.

During my studies at Worcester, I have become highly profficient in most areas of web development, mainly focusing on the actual development side, and have produced several websites and web apps with a combination of technologies and approaches such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, GraphQL, REST-ful API systems, MongoDB, Firebase, NodeJS/Express, SSR & SPA, Vue & React, and many other tools, frameworks and libraries.

On several modules, I have also served as the Team Leader in group projects, including the 1st year Game Development module, 2nd year System Analysis & Design module and the 3rd year Advanced Game Engineering module. I am very happy serving as a team leader and am naturally a punctual, organised and attentive person who is happy to 'steer the ship' in group projects.

Alongside my studies, since September 2016 I have also served as a Technical Computing Demonstrator at the University, spending time helping students in the 1st and 2nd year on two modules, 'Programming & Scripting' and 'Web & Database Development'. This has been a fantastic experience and one I have really enjoyed, as applying my knowledge of programming and web development to help students - many of whom are experiencing programming and web development for the first time - has been extremely fulfilling and has helped improve my public speaking (I have on numerous occasions spoke in front of entire classes to explain concepts or offer tips), overall confidence and has also allowed me to further solidify my own understanding of many different ideas and concepts. I have also recieved excellent feedback from both the lecturers I assist, and the students themselves, many of whom have thanked me for my help and some who have even said I should be teaching the class!

My final year disseration project is focusing on the use of player-inspired neuro-evolved machine-learning (AI) models that are capable of fooling players into believing they are human players. This is focusing on the usage of fully-connected neural network systems integrated within a genetic algorithm system that is capable of selectively improving the play of AI agents of a series of 'generations'. The project is currently in the data collection stages, where I am currently (February 2018) collecting game input and state data, for later usage in training a number of networks.

Some of my general interests within the computing space include;

  • Web Design & Development
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Neuro-evolutionary Systems
  • Data Security in Web Applications
  • Object-Oriented Design & Implementation
Below, you can find most of my latest projects within the last few years. Further below, you can find information about my experience with various languages, tools, environments and frameworks.

My contact details can be found at the bottom of the page. The best way to contact me is via email, and I will usually endeavor to respond within an hour at most.


An example online web platform for purchasing digital games for various platforms. Structured in the back-end as a REST-ful API with session control, caching and data access control systems in place. Developed primarily over a 2 week period where the initial design of both the front-end and back-end was fully implemented using NuxtJS (front-end) and Slim (PHP back-end), as part of a University course on Practical Database Applications.

HTML 5CSS 3SassJavaScriptVueJSVueRouterVuexNuxtJSPHPSlimMySQL

Student Online Messenger

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A student-focused social platform developed over the course of five months within a team of three other developers. A relatively ambitious project, combining a real-time messanging application, 'wiki'-style social editing platform, and 'stack-overflow'-esque questions & answers system. Made use of many technologies, such as MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, NodeJS, web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS), Vue, Firebase, Webpack and many other tools and libraries. Was awarded as the Best Systems Analysis Project in the entire 2nd year. I served as the Lead Developer on the project, implementing the majority of the front and back-end, but also ensuring our project adhered to our stakeholder specifications and met our clients brief. Developed as part of a University course on Systems Analysis & Design.

A movie portal that used a combination of external API's in order to suggest movies that the user may enjoy, based upon previously liked movies. The website developed as part of a University course on Web Development & Database Design, and my first foray into using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

HTML 5CSS 3JavaScriptPHP


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Processing 3.3 Java

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Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

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